• Divine Styler - Wordpower 2 Directrix
    (Mo Wax Records  1999  MWR122LP)
    Matrix No's: A1/B1/C1/D1/E1/F1 - UK Pressing

    Foldout Pyramid Sleeve in Excellent+/Nr MINT condition
    - wear on corners

    Triple Vinyl in Nr MINT condition
    (there are some surface marks visible on the vinyl when held up to the light but they don't affect the sound quality)

    Mikal Safiyullah (born Mark Richardson, 1968), better known by his stage name Divine Styler, is an alternative hip hop artist from Brooklyn, New York.

    He first emerged as part of Ice-T's Rhyme Syndicate. His first LP, Word Power, was hailed by critics and fans, but was not a commercial success. His second album, the wildly experimental Spiral Walls Containing Autumns of Light, also failed to sell well. In 1998, Divine Styler hooked up with the Quannum Records crew, teaming up with his dear friend and fellow Rhyme Syndicate alumni Everlast, Styles of Beyond, and the Beat Junkies. The latter also appeared on his third LP, Wordpower, Vol. 2: Directrix (Featuring Exceed), which trafficked in information-age paranoia. Although he did not bask in much commercial success he is a well respected factor from the early 1990s West Coast Underground scene. His poetical approach and unorthodox dance crew "The Scheme Team" influenced the likes of Abstract Rude Tribe Unique (ATU). Although there is not much footage of Divine Styler and the Scheme Team he did make a live appearance on Rapmania, an historic 1989 televised concert that included almost every active Hip Hop artist of that year. Divine performed "Tongue Of Labyrinth" an abstract rhyme style accompanied with the wild dance style of the Scheme Team was a great audio visual performance that captured the essence of Divine Styler.

    Divine Styler is a convert to Islam; he influenced the decision of Everlast to become a Muslim. Many of the songs on Spiral Walls Containing Autums of Light are songs of praise to Allah, and the 1999 song "Make it Plain" (recorded for the Funky Precedent compilation) details the joy he feels at having finally found a way of life he loves after decades of uncertainty and woes.

    Aside from those major albums his tracks are scattered among other artists' albums and projects. He has done several tracks with John Tejada but they're scattered on several compilations and albums by Tejada. He appeared (along with Sadat X and Cockni O'Dire) on several tracks on the final House of Pain album Truth Crushed to Earth Shall Rise Again. His most recent work has been with Len, Swollen Members, and DJ Shadow, as well as with guitarist, bassist, and emcee Gabe Rosales.

    Wordpower, Vol. 2: Directrix is the third album by Divine Styler, released in 1999 on Mo' Wax. This was his first album released in seven years, his last being 1992's Spiral Walls Containing Autumns of Light. However, this album could be considered more as a sequel to his debut album, Word Power, due to the "Vol. 2" in the album's name and because of the more straightforward hip hop the album contains when compared to the wildly experimental Spiral Walls. This album features Divine Styler's Original Scheme Team member(s) Cokni O'Dire (only on the re-released version) and Bilal Bashir.


    A1 The Ahdan

    Written-By – Imam Iman

    A2 Contact 1 (Interlude)

    Vocals – Hitomi Okuno

    A3 Al-Faatihah 1:19
    A4 Satan Dynasty Killa 1

    Scratches – John Tejada

    A5 Unseen Letter 3:21
    A6 Triple Irons

    Written-By, Scratches – D.J. Rhettmatic*

    B1 Oneself Duel 4:01
    B2 The Grand Design

    Featuring – Cokni O Dire*  Written-By – O. Williams

    B3 Before Mecca

    Written-By – B. Bashir*

    B4 Contact 2

    Vocals – Hitomi Okuno

    C1 Hajji

    Scratches – D.J. Rhettmatic*

    C2 Time Fold 79

    Featuring – Cokni O Dire*

    C3 Directrix

    Scratches – D.J. Rhettmatic*

    C4 Nova

    Featuring – Styles Of Beyond  Written-By – R. Maginn*, T. Bashir*

    D1 Make It Plain

    Featuring – Gola Jaisv Richardson*

    D2 Microphenia

    Featuring – Styles Of Beyond  Written-By – R. Maginn*, T. Bashir*

    D3 Satan Dynasty Killa 2

    Featuring – Exceed  Written-By – E. Estrada

    D4 Sound Quest

    Featuring [Narrator] – Quin

    E1 Oneself Duel (Instrumental) 3:16
    E2 99 Europa (Instrumental) 3:36
    E3 Before Mecca (Instrumental) 1:56
    E4 Directrix (Instrumental) 3:26
    E5 Hajji (Instrumental) 1:55
    E6 Satan Dynasty Killa 2 (Instrumental) 3:59
    E7 Unseen Letter (Instrumental) 2:17
    F1 Triple Irons (Instrumental) 3:13
    F2 The Grand Design (Instrumental) 2:30
    F3 Time Fold 79 (Instrumental) 2:04
    F4 Nova (Instrumental) 1:52
    F5 Make It Plain (Instrumental) 2:22
    F6 Microphenia (Instrumental) 1:59
    F7 Sound Quest (Instrumental) 2:31
    F8 Teledyne (Instrumental) 2:45


    • Mark Richardson - main artist, executive producer, producer (tracks: 1-12, 14, 16-18), recording (tracks: 1-7, 9-17)
    • Otis Olivier Lyjasu Williams - guest vocals (tracks: 8, 12)
    • Takbir Bashir - guest vocals (tracks: 14, 16)
    • Ryan Maginn - guest vocals (tracks: 14, 16)
    • Hitomi Okuno - guest vocals (tracks: 2, 10)
    • Gola Jaisv Richardson - guest vocals (track 15)
    • Exceed - guest vocals (track 17)
    • Quin - guest vocals (track 18)
    • Bilal Bashir - producer (tracks: 13, 15, 19-20)
    • Nazareth Nirza - scratches (tracks: 6, 11, 13, 19-20)
    • John Tejada - scratches (track 4)
    • Shawn Berman - mixing, recording (tracks: 8, 18)
    • Ben Drury - artwork
    • Sølve Sundsbø - photography


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