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    Joan Jett (born Joan Marie Larkin, September 22, 1958) is an American rock singer, songwriter, composer, musician, record producer and occasional actress.

    Jett is best known for her work as the frontwoman of her band, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, and for earlier founding and performing with the Runaways, which recorded and released the hit song "Cherry Bomb". The Blackhearts' version of the song "I Love Rock 'n Roll" was number-one on the Billboard Hot 100 for seven weeks in 1982. Jett's other notable hit songs include "Bad Reputation", "Crimson and Clover", "Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)", "Light of Day", "I Hate Myself for Loving You" and "Dirty Deeds".

    Jett has a mezzo-soprano vocal range. She has three albums that have been certified Platinum or Gold, and has been a feminist icon throughout her career. She has been described as the Queen of Rock 'n' Roll and the Godmother of Punk. In 2015, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    With Laguna's assistance, Jett formed the Blackhearts. Laguna recounted, "I told Joanie to forget the band and support herself on the advance money. There was enough for her but not for a band. She said she had to have a band. And I believe to this day that it was the Blackhearts, that concept, that made Joan Jett." She placed an ad in the LA Weekly stating that she was "looking for three good men". John Doe of X sat in on bass for the auditions held at S.I.R. studios in Los Angeles. He mentioned a local bass player, Gary Ryan, who had recently been crashing on his couch. Ryan was born Gary Moss, and adopted his stage name upon joining the Blackhearts in 1979, in part to cover for the fact that he was only 15 at the time. Ryan was part of the Los Angeles punk scene and had played bass with local artists Top Jimmy and Rik L. Rik. He had been a fan of the Runaways and Jett for years. Jett recognized him at the audition and he was in. Ryan in turn recommended guitarist Eric Ambel, who was also at the time part of Rik L. Rik. The final addition to the original Blackhearts was drummer Danny "Furious" O'Brien, formerly of the San Francisco band the Avengers. This lineup played several gigs at the Golden Bear, in Huntington Beach, California and the Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood before embarking on their first European tour, which consisted of an extensive tour of the Netherlands and a few key shows in England, including the Marquee in London.

    Laguna fired O'Brien at the end of the tour, and upon returning to the States, Jett, Ryan, and Ambel moved to Long Beach, New York. Auditions were set up and Lee Crystal, formerly of the Boyfriends and Sylvain Sylvain, became the new drummer. The band then toured throughout the US, slowly building a fan base but struggling to remain financially afloat. Throughout 1980, the band was able to keep touring solely due to Laguna drawing on advances from outside projects. Jett and Laguna used their personal savings to press copies of the Joan Jett album and set up their own system of distribution, sometimes selling the albums out of the trunk of Laguna's Cadillac at the end of each concert. Laguna was unable to keep up with demand for the album. Eventually, old friend and founder of Casablanca Records, Neil Bogart, made a joint venture with Laguna and signed Jett to his new label, Boardwalk Records and re-released the Joan Jett album as Bad Reputation.

    A spring 1981 concert at the Palladium in New York City proved to be a turning point. Described by music journalists as a career-defining performance by Jett, it helped solidify a strong New York following for Joan Jett & the Blackhearts. After a year of touring and recording, the Blackhearts recorded a new album entitled I Love Rock 'n Roll for the label. Ambel was replaced by local guitarist Ricky Byrd during the recording. Byrd recalled in an interview with Guitarhoo!, "One day I went to a studio to jam around a bit with Jett and everything clicked". The first single from the album was a cover of the title track, "I Love Rock 'n' Roll", originally written and recorded by Arrows, which in the first half of 1982 was number one on the Billboard Hot 100 for seven weeks in a row. It is Billboards No. 56 song of all time and has also been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame in 2016.

    Jett released Album (1983) and Glorious Results of a Misspent Youth (1984). A string of Top 40 hits followed, as well as sellout tours with the Police, Queen, and Aerosmith, among others. She was among the first English-speaking rock acts to appear in Panama and the Dominican Republic.

    After receiving her own MTV New Year's Eve special, Jett beat out a number of contenders to appear in the movie Light of Day with Michael J. Fox. Bruce Springsteen wrote the song "Light of Day" especially for the movie, and her performance was critically acclaimed. It was about this time that Ryan and Crystal left the Blackhearts. They were soon replaced by Thommy Price and Kasim Sulton. Later that year, Jett released Good Music, which featured appearances by the Beach Boys, the Sugarhill Gang and singer Darlene Love.

    Joan Jett & the Blackhearts became the first rock band to perform a series of shows at the Lunt–Fontanne Theatre on Broadway, breaking the record at the time for the fastest ticket sell-out. Her next release, Up Your Alley, went multi-platinum. This album contains the single "I Hate Myself for Loving You", which peaked at No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and had been used as the theme song for Sunday Night Football NFL games in America (with altered lyrics, by two singers) during the 2006 and 2007 seasons. This was followed by The Hit List, which was an album consisting of cover songs. During this time, Jett co-wrote the song "House of Fire", which appeared on Alice Cooper's 1989 album Trash.

    In 1990, the band had a song on the Days of Thunder soundtrack, "Long Live the Night", written by Jett with Randy Cantor and Michael Caruso.

    Her 1991 release Notorious, which featured the Replacements' Paul Westerberg and former Billy Idol bass player Phil Feit, was the last with Sony/CBS as Jett switched to Warner Bros. A CD single of "Let's Do It" featuring Jett and Westerberg was also released during this time, and appeared in the song credits for the movie Tank Girl. In 1993, Jett and Laguna released Flashback, a compilation of various songs on their own Blackheart Records.

    Jett produced several bands prior to releasing her debut, and her label Blackheart Records released recordings from varied artists such as thrash metal band Metal Church and rapper Big Daddy Kane.

    The press touted Jett as the "Godmother of Punk" and the "Original Riot Grrrl". In 1994, the Blackhearts released the well-received Pure and Simple, which featured tracks written with Babes in Toyland's Kat Bjelland, L7's Donita Sparks and Bikini Kill's Kathleen Hanna. Jett has also been described as the Queen of Rock 'n' Roll.

    Bad Reputation is the debut solo studio album by American recording artist Joan Jett. It was originally self-released in 1980 as a self-titled album after her previous band The Runaways disbanded. It was then re-issued on Boardwalk Records in 1981 as Bad Reputation.

    Track listing

    Side one
    No. Title Writer(s) Length
    1. "Bad Reputation"
    • Joan Jett
    • Kenny Laguna
    • Ritchie Cordell
    • Marty Joe Kupersmith
    2. "Make Believe"
    • Bo Gentry
    • Joey Levine
    3. "You Don't Know What You've Got"
    • Jett
    • Laguna
    • Cordell
    4. "You Don't Own Me"
    • John Madara
    • David White
    5. "Too Bad on Your Birthday"
    • Charlie Karp
    • Arthur Resnick
    6. "Do You Wanna Touch Me (Oh Yeah)"
    • Gary Glitter
    • Mike Leander
    Side two
    No. Title Writer(s) Length
    7. "Let Me Go"
    • Jett
    • Laguna
    • Cordell
    8. "Doing Alright with the Boys"
    • Glitter
    • Leander
    9. "Shout"
    • O'Kelly Isley
    • Ronald Isley
    • Rudolph Isley
    10. "Jezebel"
    • Jett
    • Laguna
    11. "Don't Abuse Me" Jett 3:38
    12. "Wooly Bully" Domingo Samudio 2:20
    Total length: 38:31


    • Joan Jett – lead and background vocals; lead and rhythm guitars
    • Lea Hart – lead and rhythm guitars; backing vocals
    • Buzz Chandler – lead guitar on track 2
    • Frank Infante – guitar on tracks 2, 12, 13
    • Lou Maxfield – lead guitar on track 3 and 15
    • Sean Tyla – twelve-string acoustic guitar on track 10
    • Steve Jones – bass guitar; lead and rhythm guitars on track 4; bass guitar and lead guitar on track 11
    • Eric Ambel – guitar on track 16 (2006)
    • Kenny Laguna – piano; organ; clavinet; tambourine; backing vocals
    • Jeff Bannister – piano on tracks 4 and 11
    • Jeff Peters – bass guitar; backing vocals
    • Richard D'Andrea – bass guitar on tracks 3 and 15
    • Micky Groome – bass guitar on track 12 and 13
    • Paul Simmons – drums; backing vocals
    • Clem Burke – drums on track 12 and 13
    • Paul Cook – drums on tracks 4 and 11
    • Joel Turrisi – drums on tracks 3 and 15
    • Johnny Earle – saxophone on tracks 6 and 9
    • Mick Eve – saxophone on tracks 4 and 11
    • Commander Goonwaddle – tubular bells on track 7
    • Ritchie Cordell – sound effects; backing vocals
    • Martyn Watson – backing vocals
    • Rainbow Smith – backing vocals


    • Kenny Laguna – producer
    • Ritchie Cordell – producer
    • Mark Dodson – engineer; associate producer
    • Steve Jones – producer of tracks 4 and 11
    • Paul Cook – producer of tracks 4 and 11
    • Joe Latimer – engineer
    • Stuart Panes – engineer
    • Butch Yates – assistant engineer
    • Malcolm Davis – mastering


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