• Doro - Force Majeure
    (Vertigo Records  1989  8380161)

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    Warlock were a German heavy metal band, assembled in 1982 with members of the underground bands Snakebite and Beast. The band gained popularity and some commercial success in Europe in the mid-1980s, due also to the personality and stage presence of lead vocalist Doro Pesch. Warlock supported on tour successful metal bands, such as W.A.S.P., Judas Priest, Dio and Megadeth.

    By the end of the decade, Doro Pesch was the sole original member who remained in the band and she was forced to change the name to Doro for legal reasons. Doro, the band, continues to play several songs taken from the Warlock repertoire in their live shows.

    The band has reunited for festival appearances and special occasions since 2003, under the name Warlock 1986.

    Dorothee Pesch (born 3 June 1964, Düsseldorf, Germany), popularly known as Doro Pesch or Doro, is a German hard rock singer-songwriter, formerly front-woman of the heavy metal band Warlock. The name Doro has also been associated with the touring band accompanying the singer, whose members have continuously changed in more than twenty years of uninterrupted activity, the most stable presences guaranteed by bassist Nick Douglas and drummer Johnny Dee.

    Doro started her career in garage bands in native Düsseldorf underground scene and achieved media visibility and some commercial success with Warlock in the 1980s. Warlock were starting to have an opening in the US market, when they went through many line-up changes and Pesch was left the only original member of the band. She started a solo career under the name Doro, in order to avoid legal battles between her record label PolyGram and her former manager. She released two albums in the US with producers Joey Balin and Gene Simmons, but they were not the breakthrough that she hoped.

    During the rise of grunge and alternative rock in the 1990s, her record label relegated her productions only to the European region, where she continued to tour extensively. She remained a successful charting artist in Germany, despite living and producing her albums in the US. When classic heavy metal found again the favour of the public, she returned to tour all over the world and her popularity as a veteran singer grew considerably, inspiring many new female metal artists. Doro is also known for her duets performed both live and in studio with other singers and musicians of the metal scene, whom she has befriended in her long career.

    To this date, she has released sixteen studio albums, the latest being Raise Your Fist in 2012. Doro continues her recording career and is prolific touring artist all over the world. When not on tour, she resides in New York City.

    Force Majeure is the first solo album of the German female hard rock singer Doro Pesch. The album was released in February 1989.

    After the success of Warlock’s album Triumph and Agony, which gained Gold status in Germany and reached the top 100 chart in the USA, Doro Pesch remained the only original member of the band. Some legal issues about the use of the name Warlock were raised by the former band manager and Doro settled the dispute, renouncing to issue any new album with the band’s name, but using her name instead for any new releases. However, the first print of the LP was issued with a sticker on the cover near Doro’s name with "+ Warlock" written on and for some fans Force Majeure should still be considered as the last album by Warlock.

    Just like Triumph and Agony, the album was recorded in the USA and produced by Joey Balin. Bass player Tommy Henriksen, who was part of the last line-up of Warlock plays in this album, too. The line-up is completed by drummer Bobby Rondinelli (Rainbow, Scorpions, Quiet Riot, Black Sabbath, Blue Öyster Cult,) and guitarist Jon Levin, whose name was incorrectly reported as Jon Devin on the album sleeve.

    Trying to follow the positive American feedback of the previous Warlock album, the songs of Force Majeure are even more oriented to radio-friendly pop metal than to the European power metal of Doro’s earlier works and include for the first time a cover, the famous Procol Harum’s "A Whiter Shade of Pale".[8] The album sold quite well in Europe but had a limited success in the USA, reaching only the top 200 chart.

    Track listing

    Side one
    No. Title Writer(s) Length
    1. "A Whiter Shade of Pale"   Gary Brooker, Keith Reid 3:49
    2. "Save My Soul"   Joey Balin, Doro Pesch 3:47
    3. "World Gone Wild"   Balin, Pesch 3:54
    4. "Mission of Mercy"   Balin, Pesch 3:57
    5. "Angels with Dirty Faces"   Balin, Pesch 3:59
    6. "Beyond the Trees"   Balin, Pesch 2:28
    Side two
    No. Title Writer(s) Length
    7. "Hard Times"   Balin, Pesch 3:32
    8. "Hellraiser"   Balin, Tommy Henriksen, Pesch 4:57
    9. "I Am What I Am"   Balin, Henriksen, Pesch 2:35
    10. "Cry Wolf"   Balin, Henriksen, Pesch 4:47
    11. "Under the Gun"   Balin, Jon Levin, Henriksen, Pesch 3:49
    12. "River of Tears"   Balin, Henriksen, Pesch 3:55
    13. "Bis aufs Blut" (German for Till It Bleeds) Pesch 0:36


    Band members
    • Doro Pesch - vocals
    • Jon Levin - guitars
    • Tommy Henriksen - bass, backing vocals
    • Bobby Rondinelli - drums
    Additional musicians
    • Claude Schnell - keyboards
    • Joey Balin - producer, all arrangements
    • Jeff Hendrickson - engineer, mixing
    • Dominick Maita - engineer
    • Brooke Hendricks, Brian Stover, Micheal White - assistant engineers
    • Greg Calbi - mastering


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