• Pat Metheny Group - First Circle
    (ECM Records  1984  ECM1278)

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    The Pat Metheny Group was an American jazz band founded in 1977. The core members of the group were guitarist, composer and bandleader Pat Metheny; and keyboardist and composer Lyle Mays, who was in the group at its inception. Other long-standing members included bassist and producer Steve Rodby, who joined in 1981, and member Antonio Sanchez, who had been the group's drummer since 2002. In addition to a core quartet, the group was often joined by a variety of other instrumentalists expanding the size to six or eight musicians.

    First Circle is a Grammy Award winning album by Pat Metheny Group released in 1984. On the album Pat Metheny is joined by Lyle Mays on piano and keyboards, Steve Rodby on bass, drummer Paul Wertico and vocalist and percussionist Pedro Aznar. The album won the Grammy Award for Best Jazz Fusion Performance in 1985.

    Pat Metheny has remarked that this is an important album in the Group's history for a number of reasons. It was the first Group album that he produced, the Group's core lineup on the album remained unchanged for over 15 years, and it was the final Group album released on the ECM record label. While Metheny hasn't expressed any negativity toward ECM, he has stated that their recording policy was very stringent:

    "You recorded for two days, you mixed for a day, that was your record. For better or for worse, whether you liked it or not, that was your record."

    Nevertheless, Metheny has stated that "First Circle" vastly expanded the scope of the Group's music, allowing them to further emphasize musical experimentation within the studio. He sees this, "Still Life (Talking)", and "Letter from Home", arguably the Group's most popular albums, as connected by their distinctive musical explorations and accessibly melodic personalities.

    Of note on the album proper is the peculiar opener "Forward March". Sounding like a children's concert band's first practice together, the piece, which features keyboardist Lyle Mays on trumpet, uses many dissonant, out-of-tune chords and notes, along with shifting time signatures. On using it as the opener, Pat Metheny has since remarked that it "seemed like a good idea at the time."

    Track listing

    Side A  
    No. Title Writer(s) Length  
    1. "Forward March"   Pat Metheny 2:47
    2. "Yolanda, You Learn"   Lyle Mays, Metheny 4:43
    3. "The First Circle"   Metheny, Mays 9:10
    4. "If I Could"   Metheny 6:54
    Side B  
    No. Title Writer(s) Length  
    1. "Tell It All"   Metheny, Mays 7:55
    2. "End of the Game"   Metheny, Mays 7:57
    3. "Mas Alla" (Beyond) Metheny, Pedro Aznar 5:37
    4. "Praise"   Metheny, Mays 4:19


    • Pat Metheny - Guitar, Synclavier Guitar, Sitar, Slide Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Acoustic 12-String Guitar
    • Lyle Mays - Piano, Synthesizers, Oberheim, Agogo Bells, Organ, Trumpet
    • Steve Rodby - Bass Guitar, Acoustic Bass, Bass Drum
    • Pedro Aznar - Glockenspiel, Voice, Bells, Acoustic Guitar, Percussion, Whistle, Guitar Acoustic 12-String Guitar
    • Paul Wertico - Drums, Field Drum, Cymbal

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