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Joni Mitchell – Chalk Mark In A Rain Storm
(Geffen Records  1988  WX141)

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Roberta Joan “Joni” Mitchell, CC (née Anderson; born November 7, 1943) is a Canadian singer-songwriter and painter. Rolling Stone called her “one of the greatest songwriters ever”, and AllMusic has stated, “When the dust settles, Joni Mitchell may stand as the most important and influential female recording artist of the late 20th century”.

Drawing from folk, pop, rock and jazz, Mitchell’s songs often reflect social and environmental ideals as well as her feelings about romance, confusion, disillusionment and joy.

Mitchell began singing in small nightclubs in Saskatchewan and western Canada before busking in the streets and shoddy nightclubs of Toronto. In 1965, she moved to the United States and began touring. Some of her original songs (“Urge for Going”, “Chelsea Morning”, “Both Sides, Now”, “The Circle Game”) were covered by folk singers, allowing her to sign with Reprise Records and record her debut album in 1968. Settling in Southern California, Mitchell, with popular songs like “Big Yellow Taxi” and “Woodstock”, helped define an era and a generation. Her 1971 recording Blue was rated the 30th best album ever made in Rolling Stone‘s list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All Time”, the highest entry by a female artist. Mitchell switched labels and began moving toward jazz rhythms by way of lush pop textures on 1974’s Court and Spark, her best-selling LP, featuring the radio hits “Help Me” and “Free Man in Paris”.

Around 1975 her vocal range began to shift from mezzo-soprano to more of a wide-ranging contralto. Her distinctive piano and open-tuned guitar compositions also grew more harmonically and rhythmically complex as she explored jazz, melding it with influences of rock and roll, R&B, classical music, and non-western beats. In the late 1970s, she began working closely with noted jazz musicians, among them Jaco Pastorius, Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Pat Metheny, and Charles Mingus, who asked her to collaborate on his final recordings. She turned again toward pop, embraced electronic music, and engaged in political protest.

She is the sole producer credited on most of her albums, including all her work in the 1970s. A blunt critic of the music industry, she quit touring and released her 17th, and reportedly last, album of original songs in 2007.

With roots in visual art, Mitchell designed her own album covers. She describes herself as a “painter derailed by circumstance”.

Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm is the 13th album by Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell, released in 1988. It was her third for Geffen Records. The album features various duets with guest artists such as Peter Gabriel on “My Secret Place”, Willie Nelson on “Cool Water”, Don Henley on “Snakes and Ladders”, Billy Idol and Tom Petty on the track “Dancin’ Clown”. Henley also performs backing vocals on “Lakota”, and Wendy and Lisa perform backing vocals on “The Tea Leaf Prophecy (Lay Down Your Arms)”.

In early 1986, Mitchell and Larry Klein visited Peter Gabriel’s Ashcombe House recording studio in Bath, England. Since Gabriel had mostly finished his album So by that time, he offered Mitchell and Klein the use of his studio if they wanted to record. They did, and the result was the track “My Secret Place” which was a duet between Mitchell and Gabriel. Mitchell told Musician magazine about this song: “It’s a love beginning song. The song’s about the threshold of intimacy. It’s a shared thing so I wanted it to be like the Song of Solomon, where you can’t tell what gender it is. It’s the uniting spirit of two people at the beginning of a relationship”.

In February 1987, Mitchell saw Billy Idol performing his song “To Be A Lover” on the Grammy Awards show. She felt he captured the original spirit of rock’n’roll along with a new spark of energy, and would be perfect for a cameo on her song “Dancin’ Clown”. Idol came over to Mitchell’s studio one evening a few days after the Grammys and recorded his part, complete with yelps and howls. Mitchell told Macleans magazine about this pairing up: “It was for the contrast he provided. It’s a great little cameo for him, and he brings real life to the part.” Later, Tom Petty recorded his cameo on the same song.

About Chalk Mark, Mitchell told interviewer Kristine McKenna: “I’ve discovered that with your focus no longer on finding a mate, you get a heightened sense of community, and I’ve become a bit more political – not too political though”.

Chalk Mark in a Rain Storm was released in March 1988, and the song “Snakes and Ladders” (featuring Don Henley) was issued as a pre-release single to radio stations in January 1988.

Track listing

All songs written and composed by Joni Mitchell, except where noted. 

Side one
1.“My Secret Place”  5:01
2.“Number One”  3:46
3.“Lakota” (Joni Mitchell, Larry Klein)6:25
4.“The Tea Leaf Prophecy (Lay Down Your Arms)” (Joni Mitchell, Larry Klein)4:49
5.“Dancin’ Clown”  4:09
Side two
6.“Cool Water” (Joni Mitchell, Bob Nolan)5:25
7.“The Beat of Black Wings”  5:19
8.“Snakes and Ladders” (Joni Mitchell, Larry Klein)5:37
9.“The Reoccurring Dream” (Joni Mitchell, Larry Klein)3:02
10.“A Bird That Whistles (Corrina, Corrina)” (traditional)2:38


  • Joni Mitchell – vocals, guitar, keyboards, drum programming on 7, 8
  • Manu Katché – drums, percussion, talking drum on 1, 7; snare drum on 2; background vocals
  • Steven Lindsey – organ on 2
  • Larry Klein – bass; keyboards on 1, 3, 4, 8; congas on 6; programming; background vocals on 5
  • Michael Landau – guitar on 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9; background vocals on 5
  • Steve Stevens – lead guitar on 5
  • Wayne Shorter – saxophones on 10
  • Thomas Dolby – marimba on 5
  • Peter Gabriel – guest vocalist on 1
  • Benjamin Orr – background vocals on 2,7
  • Don Henley – background vocals on 3,8
  • Iron Eyes Cody – guest vocalist on 3
  • Wendy Melvoin – background vocals on 4
  • Lisa Coleman – background vocals on 4
  • Billy Idol – guest vocalist on 5
  • Tom Petty – guest vocalist on 5
  • Julie Last – background vocals on 5
  • Willie Nelson – guest vocalist on 6
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