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Vice Squad – No Cause For Concern
(Riot City Records  1981  ZEM103)
Matrix No’s: A1/B1 – UK Pressing

Vinyl in Nr MINT condition
(there are some surface marks visible on the vinyl when held up to the light but they don’t affect the sound quality)

G&L Sleeve in Nr MINT condition
 – some slight wear to corners

Vice Squad are an English punk band formed in 1978 in Bristol. The band was formed from two other local punk bands, The Contingent and TV Brakes. The songwriter and vocalist Beki Bondage (born Rebecca Louise Bond) was a founding member of the band. Although there was a period of time when the band had a different vocalist she reformed the band in 1997. She is often cited as being the first punk pin-up featured on the front cover of a number of influential music tabloids such as Melody Maker, NME and Smash Hits.

No Cause for Concern is the first studio album by Vice Squad. It was originally released in 1981 by Zonophone, a division of EMI. Although it wasn’t released by Riot City Records the band decided to use the Riot City name as it was a label they founded. It was later re-released by Dojo with two bonus tracks and Captain Oi! with the same two bonus tracks and six more tracks.

Track listing

  1. “Young Blood” (Shane Baldwin, Dave Bateman) – 2:42
  2. “Coward” (Bateman, Rebecca Bond) – 2:14
  3. “Nothing” (Bateman, Bond) – 1:34
  4. “Summer Fashion” (Bateman) – 3:04
  5. “1981” (Bateman, Bond) – 2:24
  6. “Saturday Night Special” (Baldwin, Bateman) – 2:48
  7. “Offering” (Bateman, Bond) – 1:38
  8. “The Times They Are a-Changin”” (Bob Dylan) – 1:59
  9. “Evil” (Bateman, Bond) – 3:16
  10. “Angry Youth” (Bateman) – 1:25
  11. “It’s a Sell Out” (Bateman) – 1:54
  12. “Still Dying” (Bateman) – 1:49
  13. “Last Rockers” (Bateman, Bond) – 4:28


  • Beki Bondage – vocals
  • Dave Bateman – guitar
  • Mark Hambly – bass
  • Shane Baldwin – drums
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