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The Beta Band
(Regal Records  1999  REG30)
Matrix No’s: A2/B2/A2/B3

Gatefold Sleeve in Nr MINT condition
– still with original obi/wrap around intact
Inner Sleeves in Nr MINT condition

Vinyls in Nr MINT condition
(there are some surface marks visible on the vinyl when held up to the light but they don’t affect the sound quality)

The Beta Band were a Scottish musical group formed in 1996. They were critically acclaimed and achieved a cult status. Their style was described as being “folktronica”, a blend of folk, Scottish, electronic, rock, trip hop, and experimental jamming.

The Beta Band disbanded in 2004 but during the course of their career, they were hailed by both Radiohead and Oasis.

The Beta Band is the official studio debut album of The Beta Band, released in 1999 on Regal Records. The album followed the critically acclaimed compilation of their first three EPs titled The Three E.P.’s (1998). With high anticipation for The Beta Band, the band originally planned to record the album in four separate continents, but financial constraints slimmed the recording locations down; however, the album was still recorded in a variety of locations. The band approached creating the songs in a variety of ways, sometimes forming songs from single melodies, sometimes bringing together other strands of music, among other forms.

The album builds upon the experimental nature of their EPs, and is often seen as a particularly intricate, experimental and layered album, with a variety of different influences, sound effects, instrumentation and song structures. Based more-so around beat and rhythm than prior releases, the numerous different styles and influences incorporated into The Beta Band include psychedelia, hip hop and blues. Vocalist Steve Mason described his lyrics as fitting but without narrative interests. The band also recorded an ambient bonus disc of two long compositions, but decided not to include the disc in the final release.

Upon its release, the band infamously called the album “fucking awful,” largely blaming time constraints. Upon its release, it reached number 18 on the UK Albums Chart. Critics were favourable towards the album, although many found the album particularly messy and disappointing after the EPs. In later years however, several critics have found the album to be underrated and have praised its ambitions.

Track listing

All songs written by The Beta Band

  1. “The Beta Band Rap” – 4:41
  2. “It’s Not Too Beautiful” – 8:29
  3. “Simple Boy” – 2:18
  4. “Round the Bend” – 4:56
  5. “Dance O’er the Border” – 5:33
  6. “Brokenupadingdong” – 4:46
  7. “Number 15” – 6:49
  8. “Smiling” – 8:35
  9. “The Hard One” – 10:06
  10. “The Cow’s Wrong” – 5:49


  • Richard Greentree – bass
  • Robin Jones – drums
  • Chris Allison – producer, recorder
  • John Maclean – sampler, turntables
  • Steve Mason – vocals
  • The Beta Band – writer, producer
  • Fergus Percell – human beatbox (track 5)
  • Kingsley – vocals (track 1)
  • Neil Richardson – trumpet (track 9)
  • Gordon Anderson – lyrics (track 10)
  • Stephen Mason – lyrics (track 10)
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